UNRCCA participated in the Water Workshop in Turkey

4 May 2012

UNRCCA participated in the Water Workshop in Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey –

On 2-4 May, Deputy Head of UNRCCA, Fedor Klimchuk, participated in the workshop "Mutually Acceptable Mechanism for Integrated Use of Water Resources in Central Asia through Applying a Scenario Approach".

The project was implemented by the EC IFAS in cooperation with FAO and UNRCCA and funded by the Government of Turkey through the FAO/Turkey Partnership Programme (FTPP).

The purpose of the project was to make a thorough assessment of the water, energy and agriculture nexus in the Aral Sea Basin through the use of the scenarios approach. This approach allowed analyzing elements of the prevailing environment to gain a better understanding of how they might evolve over time and their role in shaping the future. The use of this approach would help sensitize parties to important issues and prepare for the future by generating new options.

This projects aimed to develop a comprehensive scenario set for the Aral Sea basin. The higher order objective was to strengthen regional cooperation through improved decision making and enhanced mutual understanding. The expected outcomes included: new insights gained and shared options developed through a shared learning process, and better understanding of the dynamics of the situation and the inter-sectoral relationships. It was envisaged that the project would result in enhanced capacity to prioritize and time policy interventions, and translate them into timely action.