High-Level Meetings

First Meeting of the Deputy Foreign Ministers, 16 October 2008, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Since its establishment, UNRCCA has been involved in preventive diplomacy efforts across a range of issues of high importance to the region. The Centre has organized a number of high level meetings, including meetings of Central Asian Deputy Foreign Ministers, which are essential for effective implementation of its mandate.

Meetings of Central Asian Deputy Foreign Ministers provide a unique forum for senior officials to exchange views on security and stability challenges in the region, including extremism, terrorism and natural resources. These meetings provide opportunities for UNRCCA to get feedback and recommendations on its work from counterparts in Central Asian capitals as well as to foster political support for new and ongoing projects.

High-level meetings witness the support and engagement of Central Asian states in advancing regional security through dialogue, preventive diplomacy initiatives and continued cooperation with the United Nations.