Visit of SRSG Miroslav Jenča to Tajikistan

13 Aug 2014

Visit of SRSG Miroslav Jenča to Tajikistan

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan -

On 11-13 August, Miroslav Jenča, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, visited Tajikistan for meetings with Prime Minister Qohir Rasulzoda, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sirojiddin Aslov, Head of the Drug Control Agency under the President of Tajikistan, Lieutenant-General Rustam Nazarov, Resident Representative of the Aga Khan Development Network Akbar Ali Pesnani, as well as the representatives of civil society.

During the meetings with the Government representatives an exchange of views took place on the current situation in Tajikistan and in Central Asia, potential developments, including the situation in Afghanistan. Mr. Jenča highly praised the commitment of Tajikistan to promote regional cooperation in the field of the management of trans-boundary water and energy resources and the willingness to seek mutually acceptable solutions exclusively through negotiations, taking into account the interests of all countries in the region. Mr. Jenča stressed the readiness of the UN to continue to support the Central Asian states in their efforts to promote dialogue in dealing with the common use of trans-boundary water resources by providing a platform for negotiations and assisting in the development of a regional legal framework and procedures for the interpretation and application of the basic principles of international water law in the Aral Sea basin.

The sides discussed topical issues related to delimitation of Tajik-Kyrgyz border. Mr. Jenča welcomed the intention of the Tajik side to solve disputes by peaceful means and expressed readiness to increase interaction of UNRCCA and relevant UN agencies with the Governments of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to assist the competent national authorities in ensuring the stability of border regions and promotion of cross-border cooperation in the interests of the local population. The issues of the development of regional transport corridors were also discussed and the need to increase cooperation aimed at strengthening the capacity of regional transport infrastructure to accelerate socioeconomic development of Tajikistan and Central Asian region as a whole was emphasized. The UN supports these efforts.

The sides exchanged views on interaction of the UN with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and preparations for the upcoming SCO summit this September.