Third workshop in the frame of Scenarios Project

24 Aug 2012

Third workshop in the frame of Scenarios Project

ANKARA, Turkey -

The third workshop in the framework of the project "Mutually acceptable mechanism for integrated use of water resources in Central Asia through applying a scenario approach" was co-organized on 23-24 August in Ankara (Turkey) by FAO, UNRCCA and the Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (EC IFAS).

Participants from all five Central Asian states were in attendance. Representatives of the EC IFAS, the Turkish government and the Central Asian Regional Environmental Centre also participated.

The purpose of the project was to make a thorough assessment of the water, energy and agriculture nexus in the Aral Sea Basin through the use of the scenario approach.  This approach allowed analyzing elements of the prevailing environment to gain a better understanding of how they might evolve over time and their role in shaping the future. The use of this approach would also help sensitize parties to important issues and prepare for the future by generating new options for actions.