SRSG's visit to China

6 May 2011

SRSG's visit to China

BEIJING, China -

On 5-6 May, SRSG and the Head of UNRCCA Miroslav Jenča visited the People's Republic of China, where he met Assistant Foreign Minister Mr. Chen Guo Pin.

The discussion focused on current trends and developments in Central Asia, efforts to combat terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking, finding durable solutions to problem related to the management of common natural resources and environmental degradation. Potential implications of developments in Afghanistan for the region and support of the Central Asian states to the stabilization of the situation in this country were also reviewed.

SRSG also held a meeting with the SCO Secretary-General Mr. Muratbek Imanaliev to discuss cooperation with this important regional organization in the framework of the UNRCCA mandate.

SRSG visited the China Institute of International Strategic Studies and held constructive discussions with the embassies of the USA and Russia in Beijing.