UNRCCA Academy of Preventive Diplomacy conducts training on fundraising

21 Nov 2023

UNRCCA Academy of Preventive Diplomacy conducts training on fundraising

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

On 15 November, UNRCCA held an online seminar with the Preventive Diplomacy Academy (PDA) Alumni network members from Central Asia and Afghanistan on the "Fundraising" topic.

The purpose of the seminar was to increase the knowledge and skills of Academy graduates in developing and implementing projects, as well as attract financial and other support for their implementation.

During the training, the seminar participants became familiar with the basic concepts, types and stages of fundraising, and various tools of this process, including practical communication and presentation skills to address the project to potential donors and their partners.

In the practical part of the online seminar, listeners analyzed the needs and interests of potential donors related to the promotion of preventive diplomacy in the region.

Youth from Central Asia and Afghanistan who participated in the training discussed donor communication strategies, communication channels, key messages and tools to motivate them.

During the training, practical group tasks were completed after studying the theoretical foundations of fundraising, its goals, objectives and principles to develop fundraising strategies and communication plans, various methods of attracting third-party resources to implement socially significant tasks, cultural projects or maintaining the organization's existence.

As a result of this training, it is expected that the volume and sustainability of funding for projects of PDA Alumni members will increase, aimed at conflict resolution and cooperation in the region, expanding and strengthening the network of partners and donors interested in supporting preventive diplomacy and the development of the region.