SRSG Kaha Imnadze meets with Sirojiddin Muhriddin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan (Dushanbe, August 2023)

22 Aug 2023


DUSHANBE, Tajikistan

On 21-22 August, as part of his regional tour, Kaha Imnadze, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Central Asia, Head of the UNRCCA, visited Tajikistan and met with H.E. Sirojiddin Muhriddin, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Ms. Hilolbi Qurbonzoda, Chair of Committee of Women and Family Affairs; Mr. Mirzoamon Rofizoda, Deputy General Prosecutor; Mr. Khayriddin Usmonzoda, Director of the Center for Strategic Research; as well as UN partners and other interlocutors.

The Tajik side shared its views on security developments in the region, including the situation in Afghanistan and border issues. Particular attention was given to the challenges posed by the climate change and transboundary water management.  Interlocutors highlighted importance of the upcoming Consultative Meeting of the Central Asian Leaders and the Summit of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea in Dushanbe on 14-15 September.

The Foreign Minister and other partners mentioned initiatives of Tajikistan under so called Dushanbe Processes addressing countering terrorism as well as water and climate related challenges. They appreciated the high-level engagement of UNRCCA in these initiatives.

Using the opportunity, the SRSG also visited the Nurek Hydropower Plant where he got acquainted with the country’s current and future water management plans.